Sivas City Guide

Sivas City Guide – Sivas Travel Guide   ( Sivas Gezi Rehberi )

Sivas located on the east part of Central Anatolia and on the interchanges of ancient Silk Road as well as the famous king’s roads interchanges passes through the city.

Talaurs, Sebaste, Danisment, Sibas, Eyalet-i Rum, Megapolis, Eyalet-i Sivas, Kabira and Diaspolis (the city of the god) are some of the names which were given by the kingdoms, and empires those ruled over the city in the history.

The area was an important historical and cultural center as it’s the place where the first settlements of Turkish Republic was found and the birth place of great poet Asik Veysel.

Having a great value of natural wonders and beauties with it’s forest, mountains, streaming waters, rivers, lakes and caves is one of the most popular city for providing available racecourses and opportunities for many type of sports, activities and tours such as caravan – camping, hunting, mountaineering, trekking, sportive fishing and rafting.

The world wide famous Turkish Shepherd Dog (Kangal Kopegi) is famous highlight of the area especially in Kangal Town of Sivas.

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