Kangal Çoban Köpeği İngilizce Tanıtımı

The world is kind of a dog-of precedents Kangal Shepherd dogs in Turkey and in foreign countries has a justifiable reputation. Especially the dogs in England and America by seven established associations, competitions have been made. What pain have shown that the interest of foreign states, we are showing, unfortunately, the last ten-fifteen years. Kangal Shepherd dogs are very brave, very fast and are agile. Against women and children very Muhlis malicious person with a weapon against the highly deterrent Kangal dogs are very smart, strong and have the feeling the front are connected to the extreme.  When a child offender by the owner such as the tongue-lashing to the front if the owner’s eyes are expected to be af mahsun mahsun looking. His only case, movement, and gestures can not mimik remove certain will not bark in the different tones. Kangal Shepherd dogs for tasks like this that are very loyal; mountains or remaining separate from the herd of sheep at the beginning of the hungry and thirsty for days waiting by the Kangal describes farmers.  Kangal Shepherd dogs have the greatest pride of the farmers of the wolf dogs are drowned. To have a wolf dog drowned and pride is a privilege for them. Yuzyil despite the neglect of what race, what the high spirit of qualifications structure has not the slightest concession. Blood is very attached to the nobility. In the East, while the free is not even possible to copulate with another karnivor.  In 1975 and received military training purposes for centuries in this direction than other types of dog training has proved to be talented.

A good dog should have the following features:

  •  Intelligence: Medium-high level

  •  Reliability: herd animals and must not have damage.

  •  Circumspection: Position must have the interest and attention.

  •  Protection: against foreign reaksiyoner (bark-attack) should be.

  •  Power: Possible to stop enemy (wolf-thief) should be in power.

  • Speed: speed possible to capture the enemy and should be chasing. 

  •  Courage: the courage of the important features we can say.

Because: I do not have the guts to have a dog if the other 6 features can not be effective. All of these features in all the highest levels it is possible to find in Kangal dogs. Böyle bir köpek ırkına sahip olduğumuz için ne kadar gurur duysak azdır. That this feature because of Kangal dogs deserve the world for a dog and always will remain one. It has a dog race, how proud we are few.

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    bizimde 6 yaşında sivas kangalımız var

  2. eda dedi ki:

    bizdede bir tane vardı gerçek kangaldı ancak 4 baeş tane kangal zehirlenmiş bizimkiyle aynı anda arkadaşımında vardı oda kaçırılmış

  3. Alpay dedi ki:

    sevgili arkadaslar ben kangal deyimini almanyada duydum ben sivasliyim biz buna coban köpegi derdik kücüklümüzde.. büyüklerimizde ayni terimi su 10 senede bu köpeklerin cinsi gittikce bozulmakta ve böyle gittikce saf koyun köpegi olmaktan cikacacak.malak cinsi köpeklerle hic bir benzeri olmayacak

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