Sivas Blue Madrasa (Sahibia Madrasa)

SIVAS Blue Madrasa (Sahibia Madrasa)

Four madrasas were built during the period of Anatolian Seljuks. Of these madrasas only the Blue Madrasa has kept on staying so far since 670/1271, and its inscriptions are stil protecting their original forms. In these inscriptions are some statements described as hadith.

Sivas, XIII. century, education and science in a big cityhas become.

Gok Medrese, the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan IV. Kılıçarslan (663/1264), son III. Kaykhusraw (684/1285) effective period, the viziers have b.tarafından Ali Ata was built in 670/1271. Owner of one of the otherSky is the name of two of the madrasa to madrasa. Ata, who have the name of the person you have got the moniker, the name of Gok Medrese tiles used in the skyblue is the color. The master of the madrasa al-Konevi Kalûyân side of the door that faces the crown is understood that the inscriptions.

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